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Life science research is dedicated to revolutionizing the drug delivery process.


Our Revolutionary and Patented Atraumatic Trocars eliminates lacerations, hematomas and extrusions which typically occur with traditional sharp-force methods of insertion. This results in better therapy for patients and better revenue for practitioners.

About Our Trocars


Blunt tip leaves clean track with no hematoma

Functions like the keel of a boat and as it is retracted the tissues fall back into place.


Bleeding is minimized, the macrophage begin to absorb the medication.

Immediate Absorption

The Virden Method

Pellet therapy and the traditional method of pellet placement has remained virtually unchanged since its introduction in 1939. Ten years ago, dual Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Anti-Aging Physician, Dr. Charles P. Virden, began his own journey in hormone optimization after personally observing his own declining hormone levels. After traditional treatments (creams, injections, and oral tabs) had failed, he discovered hormone replacement therapy in the form of bio-identical testosterone pellets. Although his symptoms improved, results were not maximized and he experienced complications with the pellet placement procedure. Common side effects of traditional pellet placement includes pain, bruising, swelling, extrusion of pellets, and infection of the injection site.

This personal experience, combined with his extensive background as a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Anti-Aging Physician, led him on the path to create a better method in the treatment of hormone disorders. Thus, the Virden Method™ was born. This innovative technique is a wonderful advancement to the sharp trocar methods most other practices still use. Our patented method uses a specialized tool and technique to place the pellets linearly in the subcutaneous tissue, maximizing the surface area of the pellet, in a minimally traumatic fashion, ensuring the rapid and reliable release of hormones.


Rapid Return to Regular Activity

Patients can resume normal activities as early as the next day.


Simplified Insertion Technique

Patient is given a single insertion to achieve therapeutic benefit.

Our Team

Stella Vnook

Chief of Strategy

  • Former of CEO Naki Therapeutics

  • Former CEO of Diverse Biotech

  • President/Founder of MaiCell Therapeutics

  • Vice President of Jazz Pharmaceuticals

  • Head of Global Marketing and Strategy Catalent Pharmaceutical Solutions

  • Strategy Development Director of Merck

  • Multiple start, growth, sales

  • Extensive industry knowledge

Charles Virden

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

  • Treated 40,000 surgical patients

  • 7,000 hormone patients

  • World renowned author in subcutaneous biomechanics

  • Double Board Certified

Matt Virden

Co-Founder / Chief Business Officer

  • 10 years in cash clinical initiatives

  • 15 years in medical office dynamics

  • 1 successful business start, growth, and sale

Michelle Mays

Co-Founder / Chief Clinical Trainer

  • 20 years of experience in hormone manipulation

  • Clinical trial expertise

Charles J. Andres

Lead Council

  • Multiple successful drug product launches

  • Regulatory landscape expertise

  • Thought Leader, Award Winning Author, Comprehensive Provider of Patent and FDA Strategies for Life Sciences

  • Companies, Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, LLP

  • Medicinal Chemist and Early Phase Project Co-Chair at Bristol-Meyers Squibb

  • Holds Regulatory Affairs Certification

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